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Black Friday Shopping
The frantic black Friday/cyber Monday shopping frenzy is here. If you’re looking for a VPN service, this is the time of the year to get the best bang for your buck. Most of the VPN services on sale this week will cost from $2 per month to almost zero. But beware – don’t buy any VPN just because it’s cheap; buy the one that is fast, secure, reputable, and feature rich. I recommend the two following VPN services that I use and like myself.


Offer: Lifetime VPN plan for just $2.87/month

IPVanish will offer a lifetime VPN plan for just $2.87/month – billed at $69.00 every two years. Only new users who sign up for service between November 22 and November 29, 2017 will be eligible for this lifetime offer.

IPVanish Lifetime discount banner.


Black Bear Friday: The elusive Black TunnelBear can only be spotted for one week a year.

Upgrade TunnelBear today and get an entire year of unlimited data for just $119.88 $49.88 USD.

Tunnelbear Sale Discount Banner.


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