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PC Advisor recently published an article on the best free VPN services of 2014. All the VPN services mentioned in the article generously allow you to try their services risk free.

However, none of the them is actually free without any limitation – you either have to watch some advertisements, or have limited usage of the service. As the old saying goes:

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

ZenMate, a new VPN service, allows you to use their service completely free without any kinds of restrictions. Here is how it works.

How ZenMate Works

You first install the ZenMate extension/add-on to your browser. Once it’s installed your traffic will be routed through the ZenMate cloud. This enables you to browse the Internet anonymously, hide your IP address and unblock websites, and things you can do with a regular VPN service. However, unlike a regular VPN service, ZenMate is much easier to use: one mouse click to toggle it on and off, and to change the server location, no configuration is required.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a VPN service that’s easy to use and truly free without any limitations, consider ZenMate. It is so far the easiest and most convenient VPN I’ve used.

Though ZenMate works like a VPN, it doesn’t replace it. ZenMate works only within Internet browsers and it doesn’t protect or re-route traffic from other applications (Mail, Messenger, Netflix App, etc.) on your computer. ZenMate currently works only with Google Chrome, and Opera, but promised it will soon support all major browsers and will also be available on iOS and Android. Although currently you can use ZenMate with unlimited traffic and features, that’s not guaranteed to continue. From the Zenmate website:

In the future we will offer free accounts with a limited amount of monthly traffic and several versions of paid premium accounts with unlimited monthly traffic and additional features.

ZenMate releases mobile apps for Android and iPhones users. The mobile app comes in two versions: Free (up to 500MB monthly transfer) and premium which offers unlimited bandwidth and data compression feature. The premium version costs $30/year. The ZenMate add-on for browsers remains free with unlimited features and bandwidth.

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